Gillian English

Giant and Angry

Fad Gallery

Gillian has always been tall. She's been called sasquatch, bigfoot, and a giant. Gillian has always been angry. She's been told she's aggressive, combative, and a bitter shrew. Gillian doesn't give sh*t anymore - she's giant and angry for a reason!

As the creeps and predators around us are falling like sex pest dominoes, the women of the world are waking up to their power; they are many, they are giant and they are angry. Really, really angry.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Gillian English is a comedian, actor, and storyteller. She has performed and won awards around the globe and now bases herself in Australia.

'English appears at the zenith of her art. She takes the big guns on and leaves us laughing...I love whatever this lady challenges us to rethink.' The Plus Ones

'you will laugh your head off and you will cry your eyes out in laughter ★★★★1/2' Weekend Notes

'Gut-Bustingly Funny ★★★★' Rip It Up

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