Dice Paper Role Live

Storyville Melbourne

Dungeons and Dragons – swords, sorcery and cool sound effects made with our mouth holes. D&D has been a haven for nerds since the 70s. Now it’s finally cool!


It’s just a shame that we’re not. Come see what this D&D business is all about in our first ever live shows.


Emil Freund: Last seen sporting lycra in his critically acclaimed 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Uncompetent. Emil brings his hilarious and daring comedy style to the stage.

Jack Kirby Crosby: A well respected artist working on some of the best video games to come out of Australia. Will he cheapen his art form with a Mr. Squiggle rip-off segment? Probs not, but you can hear his best impression of a Scottish accent.

Ben Clements: You might have seen him gallivanting about on Melbourne stages as a soldier, gangster, or a pirate. This is his first Comedy Festival. Our tireless editor - watch as his sphincter tightens with each borderline offensive gag, knowing he can’t edit it all out.

Greg Pickering: Has practically been gaming and playing D&D since he was in nappies. (Which he may or may not still wear). A corporate sell-out and never before seen on a Melbourne stage, he’s excited to quote pop culture and regurgitate other people’s jokes for your pleasure.

Dan Last: Recently seen buck wild nekkid in the critically acclaimed production of Stigma. Dan brings his ripped physique to the table, where it is of zero use to him. Suck it Dan. (Nudity not guaranteed)

No Performances