Lawrence Money

Loose Change

Speakeasy HQ - The Vault

Inspired by the exciting fluidity era, Lawrence recently decided to identify as a male 20 years younger. His wife scoffed until he told her he was now six foot four with thick curly blonde hair. She’s warming to the idea and now he’s jealous of himself. But he’s still bugged by his family name. He’s heard all the Money jokes – funny money, moneypenny, money or the box. Enough already! And no, he’s not that other bloke, Lawrence Mooney. This Lawrence wrote Melbourne newspaper columns for 37 years until The Age godfathers made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. With the redundancy cash, he added the spectacular Fairfax wing to his house then decided to trade in his word processor for a microphone in search of audiences who liked to ROFL and LOL.

In Loose Change, Lawrence examines the male’s age-old struggle for gender equality, ponders the mysterious language of household appliances and, with the wisdom of someone 20 years older than himself, examines the intricate dynamics of personal relationships. He reveals the secret to his perfect marriage and how he manages to live with both his wife and a tall blonde hunky bloke 20 years younger. Then there are the subtle arts of social behaviour – is it impolite to ask a waiter for a crocodile sandwich and tell him to make it snappy? With half a century of worldly experience – although it sure seems longer – Lawrence shares his insights into life on planet earth.

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