Law Revue

One Writ Wonder

Campari House

Don’t know what to see? See this!

From the time-honoured tradition of law revues comes a witty, fast-paced sketch show featuring the sharpest bunch of lawyer-comedians to ever sell their souls and choose money over funny.

Comedy revues have a long history of developing great comedians – think the team behind The
Chaser’s War on Everything, Shaun Micallef and Barry Humphries to shamelessly name-drop a few.

As lawyers we value precedent, and we hope to follow in that tradition. With the cast and
production team all with one foot in Australia’s comedy scene as writers, actors and
improvisers, they promise you a night of sketch comedy that will be a highlight of this year’s Festival.

So do you have to be a lawyer to get the jokes? Nope, Law Revue: One-Writ Wonder is a comedy show for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Law Revue: One Writ Wonder is brought to the Festival by BottledSnail Productions in partnership with Gilbert+Tobin. BottledSnail’s last comedy law revue, Law Revue: No Regerts, was described by the Herald Sun as "a streamlined and polished whirlwind of sketches, with each of the cast members bringing bags of infectious energy to the stage". Law Revue: One Writ Wonder is setting the bar even higher.

Don’t believe us? We invite you to be the judge and jury, though hopefully not the executioner. Come see the show and we’ll make the case – for comedy!

BottledSnail Productions is Melbourne’s premier non-profit theatre company that, since being
formed in 2013, has brought together over 350 legal professionals in creative projects ranging from full-scale theatre productions to lunchtime concerts and raised over $45,000 for charity, including the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation. Its main aim is to generate a significant positive impact on the lives of those who participate and to contribute to Melbourne’s creative culture.

Gilbert+Tobin is one of Australia's leading transactions, regulatory and disputes law firms with a commitment to outstanding citizenship and a proud track record of community support and engagement.

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