Carolyn Swindell

Why DIY?

Campari House

Smart people learn from their mistakes. A genius learns from someone else's. This show can make you a genius.

Who better to take life advice from than a former Advisor to Bronwyn Bishop?

Fresh from a Sold Out season at the Sydney Fringe Festival and shortlisted for the Festival's Best in Comedy, Carolyn Swindell's Why DIY? is hitting the road for the first time.

A regular on the Sydney stand-up circuit, reviewers have described Carolyn's first solo show as a "really really wonderful evening" and "perfectly pitched for a room full of wankers". While that might not sound so flattering, once Why DIY? has taught you how you too are indeed much more of a wanker than you realise, you'll appreciate it much much more.

Better for your blood pressure than an episode of Q&A, part stand-up, part half-arsed self-help workshop. All fun.

Drawing on her career that spans being Santa's (most reluctant) elf to a Brand Manager for a bottle of water, to smoothing the media waters for some errant rugby league players, it's politics, it's sport, it's science, it's cocktails. It's solid gold, A-grade advice for living your life.

Ok, you won't necessarily become a better person, but you will feel like you're at least a better person than Carolyn.

You're welcome.

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