Paul Noodle PhD. Candidate

The rise and/or fall of Paul Noodle

Tasma Terrace - Tasma Terrace 4: Meeting Room

A choose your own adventure sketch comedy, where two brave comedians and their tech give the audience an unprecedented (and frankly inadvisable) level of control over the outcome of the show. 

Directed by Paul Noodle (a pool noodle).

Praise for previous shows by Paul Noodle PhD. Candidate

"Utterly ludicrous as it is brilliant" Weekend Notes

"A phenomenal comedy show...a whirlwind adventure of manic, pedantic, oafish, absurd, and cleverly crafter sketches...they will make you laugh. A lot." Squirrel Comedy

"A near perfect example of great sketch comedy" PopCulture-y

"Sophisticated, farcical, and eminently entertaining...immersive comedy at it's best" TAGG

"An exceptionally talented pair. Sky's the limit" Funny Tonne

"One of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time" Milk Bar Mag

"The audience is forced to balance complete enrapturement while trying not to fall from their chairs in snorting laughter" Farrago Magazine

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