Jett Bond and Rao Morusupalli

The Big Ooft

Tasma Terrace - Tasma Terrace 1: Heritage Room

“The Big Ooft” starring Jett Bond(“Class Clowns” Grand Final 2018, MICF “Up Next Comedy” 2019) and Rao Morusupalli (“In Joke” Radio show, winner of "Are you funnier than George ?" comedy competition) is a 50-minute split bill show of two up and coming comedians. A big Ooft can only be described as the disappointing sound of hitting rock bottom. This show is full to the brim of unique and relatable humour. Rao and Jett talk about all their Ooft moments from dead dogs to drug dens. Laughter is the best medicine for these two young comics besides from actually medicine.
This show is eligible for the Laugh Pack - buy full price tickets to 3 or more eligible different performances in one transaction and get a 10% discount. Excludes Previews, Tightarse Tuesday and Saturday performance
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