Liminal Lavatory

Tasma Terrace - Tasma Terrace 4: Meeting Room

Imagine if when you needed it, physically or emotionally, a bathroom appeared. A bathroom between time and space. A liminal lavatory. Imagine.

The bathroom can be a magical place. It is where our most basic human functions occur; a space for us to expose ourselves in more ways than just the drop of a trouser. A public lavatory can be a place of working through emotions, creating new relationships and ending old ones, sharing resources, giving advice, and sometimes just taking a shit.

Join Rhian Wilson, Katie Currie and ensemble on the sketch comedy adventure of a lifetime - that of a bathroom with no real home that opens its doors to those most in need of its presence. Let a variety of interactions and self discovers swirl their way through the pipes of your mind and flush out previous notions of what you thought the loo could be.

On average, human kind spends 1.5 years of their lives in the bathroom. Katie and Rhian have taken it upon themselves to personally beat that average.

Rhian Wilson and Katie Currie are comedians, performers and writers who perform sketch and improv comedy at The Improv Conspiracy. They decided a good use of several months of their lives would be to write a show about a toilet.

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