Ashwin Segkar


Tasma Terrace - Tasma Terrace 2: Drawing Room

Be emotionally roller-coastered by a secret Indian performance technique.

Rasa moves you through a swirl of emotions using the power of comedy, sound and storytelling. It takes a technique from the world’s oldest drama manual and applies it to modern performance in a unique and hilarious show.

You’ll move through the primal emotions identified by India’s ancient gurus as being at the heart of human life including wonder, fear, joy and more. The Natyashastra said that all performance needs to evoke ‘Rasa’, a feeling that is vivid and strong in each audience member. While in ancient India this involved the movements of the classical dancer, or the notes and beats of the musician, in Rasa, you take the same wild journey using the artistic tools of our time and place.

This unique comedy show puts mood in front of story and is a unique experience of the goals of Indian theatre - to make you feel, performed using the power of modern, western style performance.

Ashwin Segkar is a Brisbane based comedian and radio presenter who performs innovative works that shine a light on the culture of the west and Asia, using his experiences growing up in India, Malaysia, NZ, Australia and England.

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