Patrick Rehill

Climate of Courage

Trades Hall - Archive Room

World-renowned climate change activist Sam McGoriam returns home to Melbourne for his milestone 5000th presentation. His latest slideshow “Climate of Courage” will inspire you to build a greener future! Unless you’re not a Queensland swing-voter, then you probably don’t have the power to do anything. Except maybe bring along a Queensland swing-voter? Otherwise we could all just curl up in the foetal position, have a good cry and wait for the end of the world.

Written and performed by Patrick Rehill

(Completely Improvised Potter: “★★★★★” – Beat Magazine,

Decent Human Beings: "A hilarious bunch of sketches that sometimes stray painfully close to the truth...a wonderfully funny show" – Squirrel Comedy)

Directed by Haley Tantau (Cindy Salmon, Foxtel's 'The Slot', 'Polygamy, Polygayou')

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