Claire Sullivan

Toast Rat

Trades Hall - Evatt Room

After a brief stint as an underwater squid wrestler, Ex-Hobartian Claire Sullivan is returning to MICF with her latest high-octane, cardboard-filled sublime creation - Toast Rat. A surreal comedy show about death, sex, questioning what it means to be a good person and who and what IS a Toast Rat, really? 

Toast Rat is like the Mighty Boosh meets Fleabag. 

Toast Rat will answer the question – am I the only person that thinks this weirdly? You’re not alone. Claire is like you! Claire lives in a shed!

You will laugh without understanding why what Claire said and did was funny, just that she is funny. Claire will take you by the hand. The only real thing you’ll wonder at the close is: If TOAST + RAT = TOAST RAT but RAT + TOAST ≠ TOAST RAT?

Places you might recognise Claire from include: writing articles (mainly about sex and masturbation) that make readers angry and friends scream on VICE; on a billboard at the Melbourne airport advertising a certain discounted airline; loudly queer and proudly alternative physical comedy group PO PO MO CO; an online sketch called Gorman Girl; several writers festivals; a podcast she does with fellow comedian Lauren Bok, called Elementary Springfield (it's about The Simpsons because Claire hasn't seen much/if any of The Simpsons); in line at your local 7-eleven waiting to purchase a $1 black coffee; also many other comedy/fringe festivals and  various TV and radio things.

"Genius. Alternative brilliance." ★★★★ ½ The Music 

★★★★ Hugging Comedians

★★★★ Funny Tonne

“It’s weird and fast-paced and heartfelt and you won’t see anything else like it this festival.” Squirrel Comedy

“copiously funny.” The Skinny

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