Melbourne Town Hall - Supper Room

"Barely-contained outrageousness…..a one off show not to be missed.” * * * * *  Funny Tonne

We're back! Imagine the best of the iconic song contest poured into a Babushka doll, shaken, stirred and dumped out in Melbourne. With only the celebrity European hosts in charge, it's unpredictable and hilarious! Vote as your favorite comedy acts from across the Festival battle it out for song contest glory! 

See some of the best comedians of the Festival as they represent countries battling for the ultimate song contest prize! Watch them sing, dance and do random crowd-pleasing acts to win your love and votes! 

With cheesy but loveable hosts and LIVE POSTCARD introductions performed by the one and only Mark Trenwith, we bring you everything that makes Eurovision so fun to watch! Those jokes, that unique fashion, poorly translated lyrics, interpretive dance and enough enthusiasm to blow the roof off!

Whether you're a true Eurovision fan or have never seen it, you’re in for a night like no other! This highlight of Adelaide Fringe has been running 8 years and due to popular demand we're back in Melbourne for the 3rd year! 

Featuring Carla Conlin, Mark Trenwith, Angus Hodge and more!

"Eurowision, bang-on the money." -Festival Freak

"All the hilarity of Eurovision without the uncomfortable feeling that anyone was taking it seriously!"- Rip It Up

"Eurowision offers a bizarre, at times un-expected, hilarious hour of the most unusual take on Eurovision you’ll probably ever see."- Glam Adelaide

"Australia has such a peculiar obsession with the daggy European song contest that it’s ripe for a parody, and in Eurowision the writers have hit the perfect sweet spot between an affection emulation and farce." - Australian Stage

“Hosts Heidi and Kristos, fabulous in their vague accents and narcissism, fulfil every Eurovision cliche with flair!" - Funny Tonne


Once you've seen this show you can never unsee it! You may experience feelings of excitement, confusion and extreme happiness.

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