The Improvised Guide to Spooky Stories

Melbourne Town Hall - Powder Room

The biggest scaredy cats in improvised comedy turn your scary suggestions into a spook-tacular show with guaranteed goosebumps and giggles.

Like witches stirring bat wings and newt eyes in a cauldron, our improvisers combine audience participation, theatre games and everything you expect to hear in a horror story or see in a living nightmare. Ghosts. Skeletons. Mysterious light. Noises in the dark. Emo schoolkids who are actually vampires.

In every show, two performers create an epic story of the supernatural on the spot. A mad scientist or wizard-gone-bad will recruit at least one assistant from the audience. Many horrifying jokes and puns will be uttered. People will laugh their heads off. Literally.

And because it’s improvised, every show will feature a new and unique ghoulish story that's perfect for kids, Frankenteens, mummies, and dads too.

Improvilicious has been delivering impro-larious shows for kids, teenagers and families since 2014, including the improvised guides to Video Games, Superheroes, Best Friends, The Internet, High School and The History of Theatre.

“Inspired and hilarious” – The Herald Sun.


In the crypt of performers, we possess:

Cassie “I drink blood” Daly (every Improvilicious since 2015)

Amberly “it’s time to” Cull (Murder Village)

Jimmy James “it's living flesh I am” Eaton (The Big HOO-HAA)

Louisa “see if it” Fitzhardinge (Spontaneous Broadway)

Brianna “won’t eat potatoes but” Williams (The Big HOO-HAA)


Prophesied audience responses:

“spellbinding” – witch

“shrieked with laughter” – ghost

“tickled my funny bones” – skeleton

No Performances