Takashi Wakasugi

Farm Backpacker (Subclass 417)

Chinese Museum - Laundry Room

Japans’ quickest comedy export, Takashi Wakasugi will return to Melbourne with his brand-new show after a sold out season at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A typical Japanese boy, Takashi came to Australia on a working holiday visa and had a wonderful time. Did you know if you are on that visa and spend three months doing farm work, you can get a one year extension on your visa? Takashi did that.

For three months, Takashi worked on a countryside farm with a (not) racist farmer and stayed at a (very) dirty backpacker hostel with crazy backpackers. Takashi had a great time and the worst time there. He will talk about that. And he just wants to say Thank you (F*%k you) Australia!

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