Titus O'Reily

The Not-So-Subtle Art Of Cheating

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He burst out of the blocks with his first two Melbourne International Comedy Festival seasons and Titus O’Reily is back for another round! This year Titus turns his mind to The Not-So-Subtle Art of Cheating in sport.

Where there’s sport, there’s cheating. No sport is immune – athletics, swimming, AFL, NRL, cricket, baseball, badminton, motorsports, tennis and curling. Yes, curling, that weird sport on ice with the brooms.

From the fiendishly clever to the outright hare-brained, Titus O’Reily covers the many and varied ways athletes and countries have tried to cheat over the years.

There’s the winner of the New York marathon who was driven in a car part of the way, the male basketballer whose drug test showed he was pregnant, the Tour De France where many of the riders took the train and an alarming amount of tales involving swapping bodily fluids.

Titus’ lightning quick, clever and hilarious social media sports commentary, along with his regular columns for the Herald Sun, have collected him a dedicated 300,000 social media followers. He regularly appears on The Project, The Front Bar, and breaky with Chrissie, Sam & Browny (Nova FM). With two best-selling books, A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport and A Sporting Chance: Australian Sporting Scandals and the Path to Redemption under his belt, Titus’ third book Please, Gamble Irresponsibly: The Rise, Fall and Rise of Sport Gambling in Australia was released in November 2019.

Come for the laughs, stay for the lesson in how to cheat your way to the top of world sport.

Taps into the mindset of a sports tragic – witty one-liners synonymous with his irreverent brand of humour.' The Age

‘Tailor-made for the sports nut whether their passion is footy, racing or cricket. Or all of the above.’ Herald Sun

‘Hilarious and often satirical take on sport… hysterically funny. The crowd loves it.’ In Review

‘Titus O’Reily’s wry wit has made him a star of radio, newspaper and television.’ X-Press Magazine

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