Lucy Best & Nicky Barry


Tasma Terrace - Tasma Terrace 3: The Shop

Lucy Best and Nicky Barry are two wantonly wicked women of an uncertain age. Recent laboratory tests have confirmed that they are each 20 percent angst, 40 percent vodka and 100 percent hilarious! Drawing upon childhoods that sometimes made Mommy Dearest look like a Disney movie and parental experiences nobody writes books about, Lucy and Nicky now describe themselves as “motherfu(t”.

Motherfu(t is a comedic exploration of all the ways we are both f*%ked up by our mothers and then f*%ked up by motherhood itself. This show is all about the 364 days of the year that Hallmark will not make cards about. A mix of cabaret, improv, game show, chat show and stand-up, Motherfu(t is the TEDdy Bear Talk every human needs to hear.

Lucy and Nicky will have you rolling in the aisles as they collectively laugh about all the things that haven’t quite killed us. Yet. Wear clean undies and for heaven’s sake do not slouch!

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