Lawrence Money

The World's Gone Mad

Speakeasy HQ

A Melbourne primary school replaces Mother's Day with Acknowledgement Day to avoid offending "non-traditional families". An expert urges new parents to ask a baby's permission before changing the nappy. A Pies fan is ticked off at Docklands stadium for "barracking too loudly". Has the world gone mad? Of course it has, says Lawrence who spent 37 years providing the evidence in his kick-arse Melbourne newspaper column, twice voted Victoria's best by the Melbourne Press Club. Can a veteran journo, once damned in the Senate as the "lowest end of the human food chain in this country", venture on to the comedy stage without being eaten? "Bloody oath he can," says Lawrence whose debut show in the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival drew the largest festival audiences The Speakeasy has seen. Now he's back to take the pee out of PC in words and music. He changes a few politicians' nappies without consent and reveals his personal gender-identity journey from SNAG to macho to toxic male. He skates on the edge, rocks the boat, rattles the cage and runs a stick along the pickets. Gee he's a noisy bugger. (70 minutes with a 10-minute nanny-nap).

Extra accessible show Friday 24 April, Vault Theatre, downstairs from Speakeasy HQ.

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