Oliver Twist


Melbourne Town Hall - Lunch Room

Oliver, who is now living in Sydney, has become westernised. He has first world problems, he has little sympathy for homeless people. He has come to Love Australia, his new home in which he is now a citizen, but cannot stand the racism directed at people of colour. That being said, when he first arrives in Ipswich QLD, he loves Pauline Hanson. What's that about? Instead of hating and being scared of ISIS, Oliver suggest that we in fact Love ISIS and embrace the impending doom modern society has coming for itself. His upbringing has made Oliver go where angels fear to tread, just to see what it feels like. One instance of him selling porn in the refugee camp at 17 years old led him to see how porn is a great marketing tool in the 21st century. First came tragedy and then comedy. Oliver's life expressed through Love is the very definition of that.
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