Jojo Chinaski and Julien Furnace

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Hare Hole

Queer European comics Jojo Chinaski & Julien Furnace are presenting a one-hour stand-up that interwines the ethereal chains of romance with the leather ropes of kink. Add to the mix the shackles of mental illness and you're in for a ride!

How do you engage in a level playing field relationship with someone who wants you to call them Master? How can you tell whether you just want to tie the rope or actually tie the knot? Is kink shaming a kink in itself?

More colourful than 50 Shades of Grey, kinder than Tinder and Grindr, Attachment Unavailable binds irreverent, dark humour with a positive message about self care. You might enjoy getting tied up, gagged or even insulted, you still deserve to be free, to speak your mind and to be proud.

Jojo Chinaski is a British Australian comic whose comedy centers around sexuality and mental health, with a drive to challenge the different stigmas relating to these two subjects. She has quickly found her feet in the comedy scene and gigged last year to sold out audiences.

Julien has been doing comedy for years, and has performed his show Faguette at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2019 as well the Midsumma Festival 2020. Influenced by irreverent and dark-humour comedians such as Margaret Cho and Doug Stanhope, he likes to take the ugly and make it funny — whether it's about his latest STI or current issues such as climate change.

Jojo and Julien met at an open mic, quickly found common ground in their comedy and became friends - despite Brexit.

‘I was falling off my chair laughing' Faguette audience member MICF 2019

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