Annisa B

Dear Future Ex-Husbands

Club Voltaire

With a sold out show at Sydney Comedy Festival, a successful and award winning comedy Short Film and Theatre Show, Annisa B brings her creative and imaginative comedic mind to her own show. She’s nuts, crazy, some would say borderline insane with the amount of things she does. Dear Future Ex-Husbands, is a small taste of the creative mind that is Annisa B. Tired of trying to explain all her wacky, adventurous, outgoing, drama-queen like nature to potential dates, Annisa B has decided to sum up her out of the box personality and country girl/Russian background in a fun show format. Annisa is joined by opener, Sam Menzies (The Downside Podcast), who brings his own quips and  blokeish charm. 

Girl logic is logic… a warped and creative logic, but logic nonetheless.

All the crazy thoughts you have had about dating, friends, family, work, exercise, kids, getting older… just life stuff really. Annisa B is going to share with you her epic wins and her epic fails, the fact that coffee has been her most stable boyfriend, and that she truly believes she was meant to be a Drag Queen in another life.

"Hilarious and dynamic one woman performance. Memorable and beautifully done” - Lindsey Loon, FOUNDER Connect Film Festival

“Funny, well thought through, set pieces and lots of terrific off the cuff stuff” - Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide

“Original and creative with a sharp witty performance" - Connect Film Festival

“Comic Tour-de-force" - City Inner West Courier

“She’s Hilarious , I didn’t stop laughing“ - Sarah, New Number One Fan.

Ladies she will be your new best friend and gentlemen if you still want to date her or a girl like her, here are all the things you need to know before you become a Future Ex Husband.

Her name is Annisa B, she is amazing, and she will become your new bestie in less time it takes you to say “Annisa B is bat-shiz crazy”. She will teach you being “weird” is a form of “wonderful".

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