Sonny Yang's

Incredibly Stupid Adventure Game

Loop Project Space & Bar

At long last... the ultimate test of your patience and lateral thinking is here!

A warped throwback to 90s graphic adventure video games - play along with the rest of the audience and use your God-given common sense to solve convoluted puzzles, avoid hazardous traps and guide cult comedian Sonny Yang through an urban interactive nightmare. For ages 15 and up!


- Voice acting in glorious Stereo sound!

- Retro graphics that vaguely resemble the real thing!

- Not much else!

About the Artist:

Sonny is an absurdist comedy writer and performer from Perth, Australia. In 2017 he debuted his sold-out show ‘Sonny Yang vs Fringe’ at Perth Fringe World to critical acclaim and followed it up a year later with his sophomore effort ‘Sonny Yang vs Fringe - 2018 edition’.

"The king of parody ... a master at keeping things funny." ★★★★½ The Australia Times, 2017

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