Oliver Cowen

Oliver Sudden

Storyville Melbourne

With his unique brand of sketch, character, mime, and PVA glue, Oliver Cowen will show his proverbial comedic undercarriage, to hopefully find some semblance of fun in a post-breakfast world. Failing that, an espresso martini and a large-ish bean bag.

Be prepared to find a jubilant boy looking to the comedy gods and asking "how about them apples?".

This sweet, strange boy is excited to bring his unique blend of clown, sketch, mime and subtle anarchy to the marvellous people of Melbourne. He’s got the general air of someone who knows what he’s doing, but paired with the general anxiety of someone who has too many very specific props, and is incredibly bad at making puns but relentlessly persists anyway. It’s hard to look away as this hairy, bulbous boy throws his sweaty bod at mime walls.

He really does hope that maybe this time he can find a friend.

Just one.


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