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Are you AFL mad?

Go Tiges? Hot Pies? Got the Blues again? Woof Woof Woof! Did someone say Gold Coast Suns, is anybo'oooooooody out there?

Take it one laugh at a time, give 110% for four quarters, leave the drop puns to us and please do your gatorade shower AFTER the show this time!

The Donvale Football Club (Eastern Football Netball League) is an Aussie Rules footy club in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and we try to have a fair bit of fun.

Every match presents different conditions, but you might see us taking it to the streets, a badass handball competition, an odd footy show segment, some almost unrecognisable theme songs, but certainly plenty of clangers all night long.

Will you be singing the song with us when the siren goes?

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