The Kagools

Cirque Du Kagool

Trades Hall - Music Room

Winner Amused Moose Comedy Award 2017 Edinburgh Fringe

Winner Best Comedy 2017 Adelaide Fringe

Winner Best Show (Audience Vote) 2019 Laughs of Launnie, Launceston International Comedy Festival

Multi-award-winning UK physical comedy duo The Kagools return with a brand-new hour of pure joy and anarchic buffoonery 'brimming with wit and imagination' (★★★★★, TV Bomb). Join these dazzling idiots for (probably) The Greatest Show on Earth.

Since their 2014 debut, The Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘must-see’ act of the Sydney Comedy Festival in 2017 and 2018 have quickly gained fans far and wide with their utterly unique trademark brand of spontaneous anarchic buffoonery. An equally sought-after headline act both at home and abroad, their shows have toured extensively to critical acclaim.

More than just a couple of clowns who perform silent physical comedy, The Kagools’ shows are beautifully choreographed, hilariously funny and unashamedly joyful – a live experience not to be missed. It’s a circus but not as you know it, with enchanting, bold, high-energy laughs.

Join The Kagools as they continue to propel silent comedy into the 21st century! For Cirque Du Kagool, their fourth, most ambitious and idiotic show yet, they learnt hula-hoop, chin balancing and even forward rolls. It’s death-defying stuff. Better see it before one of them gets a blister.

‘Brimming with wit & imagination… surely one of the outright funniest pieces of the entire festival. ★★★★★’ TV Bomb (UK)

‘Pure genius… clever and entertaining… comedy gold… side-splittingly hilarious. ★★★★’ Broadway Baby (UK)

‘Brilliant. ★★★★★’ Mumble Comedy

‘Beautifully executed. Perfect viewing for all ages and nationalities. ★★★★’ Chortle (UK)

‘Glorious tomfoolery… the waterproof jesters perform a masterclass in physical comedy. ★★★★’ Phoenix Remix (UK)

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