Cressida Bradley

Up the Pole

The Motley Bauhaus

This time last year Cressida’s life sounded like a bad country and western song.

Up the pole is a funny, wry and heart pinching true tale about searching for romance, but instead facing an epic and awful life-changing choice.

It is a story about a capable woman out of control. It will make you laugh in recognition, sigh with empathy and see how a big decision looks through someone else's eyes. It’s messy, cheeky, intimate and ridiculous. Let’s face it, it’s a story about being human.

With sound design and composition by D.A.Calf, and direction by the award-winning Rama Nicholas.

Up the pole is Cressida's debut Melbourne International Comedy Festival solo show following a sold-out season at The Malthouse.

If you’ve ever been to the monthly storytelling event, The Moth in Melbourne, then you would have seen Cressida on stage making the audiences laugh, sigh and gasp.

'Lyrical yet unflinching, Cressida has woven a story that is utterly relatable and beautifully funny.' Cal Wilson, stand-up legend and host of The Moth in Melbourne.

'Up the pole is a show that talks with uncompromising honesty about life as a single woman; funny, revealing, moving and inspiring.' Joanne Brookfield, author No Apologies: Women in comedy.

'Are you really going to say that onstage?' Cressida’s Dad.

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