Justin Brown & Brett Young

Tough Titties

The Basement Cafe

From a half marathon in North Korea to the time he got deported from Croatia, Tough Titties is a verbal journey in laid back, laconic Australian storytelling that is both enthralling and appalling.

Justin's inspiration for travelling came from being born in Townsville and he's got a habit of being in the wrong place at the right time. 

He combines self deprecation with global appreciation which leaves you no choice but to be charmed but slightly alarmed by the fact he's still alive. 

Justin has sold out shows in Darwin and Townsville now and he's having a crack at the biggest festival In Australia. 

Featuring a guest appearance by North Queenslands 9th best guitarist Brett "Boom Boom" Young in which he combines with Justin to revitalize the long forgotten genre of funky Instrumental Hip Hop. Brett's magical fingers milk the guitar of it's melodic soul while Justin adds the finishing touches through jocular wordplay direct from his left ventricle. 

Buckle up because this is not a show you will forget in a hurry. 

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