LittleBitts: The Trap Remix

Loop Project Space & Bar

LittleBitts but with even more bass drops and sirens than ever before! Self-proclaimed idiots, LittleBitts hurl a collection of nonsensical sketches at their audience in an absurd & kitschy 45 mins of buffoonery. LittleBitts: The Trap Remix. It’s loud, it’s tacky and it’s so god damn sweaty

The duo debuted in 2017 after Katie Pierce and Lucy Czerwinski reunited after 12 years, initially meeting as 5-year-olds in pre-school.

They draw inspiration from influences like The Young Ones, The Mighty Boosh, Lano and Woodley, French and Saunders and Aunty Donna.

LittleBitts: The Trap Remix is their most recent project and this is their debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. They have performed at Anywhere Theatre Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Festival of Australian Student Theatre.

They hope to one day perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala in the footsteps of their ultimate inspirations: Lano and Woodley.

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