Dan Kappa & Maxwell Robyn

Generation Gap

Speakeasy HQ - The Vault

Maxwell Robyn is a Gen Z pansexual coming to terms with his impending adulthood, an overdrawn Uber Eats account and the soul crushing reality of dating in the 21st century. All he wants to do is yeet and let yeet.

Dan Kappa is a Gen X family man coming to terms with becoming a middle-aged white guy whilst juggling a career, his family and longing for "Cowabunga" to be a cool phrase again.

With an age gap spanning 18 years, Maxwell and Dan share their un-censored and idiosyncratic views on non-binary love, life and fitting in with Millennials.

Whether you love smashed avocado or blame it for the Millennial housing crisis, swiping right on Generation Gap will leave you with a lit AF grin bigger than a Baby Boomer's investment portfolio and Maxwell's HECS debt.

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