Mitchell E Roberts

May Contain Traces of Reading

The Rattlesnake Saloon

It's stand-up comedy. Without a single spoken word.

In his quest to create the silliest show possible, comedian Mitchell E Roberts introduces you to his alter ego, Robert Mitchell, a man bound by his circumstances (as ridiculous as they are silly) to never speak; but that’s not going to get between him and his comedic dreams. Instead, he chooses to communicate via an extraordinarily detailed system of A3 signs.

This show tells the story of his life, including both the perks and perils of living a life without speaking, his dating woes and secret skills, as well as ticking off some of the items from his bucket list. He manages all this while maintaining a constant level of banter with his electronic sidekick and his audience, ensuring that every audience experiences their own version of the show.

How does he manage organic conversation and handle hecklers (who are always welcome) with a different audience every night? Come and find out!

It is full to the brim with enough Dad jokes and stupid humour to stun a team of oxen, cunningly supported by surprisingly clever writing, some physical comedy, a few musical punchlines and the crossroads of the absurd and the dead-serious.

All of this is handled without speaking a single word.

Taking the words right out of his own mouth, May Contain Traces of Reading will definitely be comedy like you’ve never heard it before!

'An hour down the rabbit hole of non-stop laughs. ★★★★★' What Did She Think?

This show is eligible for the Laugh Pack - buy full price tickets to 3 or more eligible different performances in one transaction and get a 10% discount. Excludes Previews, Tightarse Tuesday and Saturday performance

'The show is executed to perfection, the timing brilliant. ★★★★★' WeekendNotes

'Words cannot really express fully this unique comedic experience. ★★★★' Pop Culture-y

'This show is warm, expressive and performed like a well-oiled machine.' We Know Melbourne

'May Contain Traces of Reading did not appear to have a deep and meaningful point, rather Mitchell relished in the show’s inherent silliness.' Hugging Comedians

Mitchell E Roberts is an “immensely likeable” (WeekendNotes) character performer, comedian and writer. He is a highly trained cabaret artist and musical theatre performer and brings an element of fun and unpredictability to any audience brave enough to place themselves at his mercy. He is a professional purveyor of puns and Dad jokes of questionable hilarity, with a talent for getting a crowd to smile. Even if they have just finished groaning.

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