Kyle Walmsley

Oyster Boy

Missing Persons

An hilarious black comedy for anyone who's ever tried to fit in – but failed.

Oyster Boy lives inside an oyster. He is a big fishy weirdo just waiting to be shucked. But is the world ready for his nutrient rich, gender fluid, sand intolorant presence?

This clammy comedy will have you finding your inner bivalve molusc. Don't let FOMO keep you from your calling.

Sometimes you just have to go shuck yourself. 

Created by proven comic geniuses Kyle Walmsley and Elizabeth Millington, this world premiere is guaranteed to shock, delight, disturb and entertain. 

'Absurd, unpredictable and utterly hilarious! ★★★★' Arts Review

'An example of comedy done so well that it hurts as much as the genuinely side splitting laughter it affords★★★★★' Melbourne Arts Fashion

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