Tom Gibson

Red Tape Worm

The Charles Dickens Tavern

Ever been told you should live with no regrets? Did it immediately make you remember ten things you wish you hadn't done? Tom Gibson knows how you feel.

But instead of learning from his mistakes, Tom’s decided to just get ahead of the story. After all, they aren’t even mistakes if you know how to tell them properly.

Red Tape Worm is for anyone who knows they’ve made buckletloads of mistakes and that the only way to feel better is to listen to someone who’s made more.

 'Tom Gibson is a superstar.' Tom Gleeson

'Amazing to watch…an eye-opening moment of revelation about how good comedy can be.' Riot Act

'Tom was on fire.' Squirrel Comedy

A Green Faces national champion, Tom has become a comedy favourite for his relentless wit, finely-tuned writing and outrageously funny crowd work. Now, after a decade of making people laugh, Tom makes his Melbourne International Comedy Festival solo debut with his insightful and hilarious show about the pitfalls of reflecting on our own lives.

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