Ben Pobjie

Bushranging For Beginners

Khokolat Bar

Bushranging For Beginners is a rip-roaring, rambling and rollicking, wild colonial ride through some of Australia’s most exciting times and most dashing armed criminals, told by Australia’s foremost gag-cracking historian, Ben Pobjie. Based on Ben’s popular book Mad Dogs and Thunderbolts, this is a show that exposes the great bushrangers of Australia’s past for what they were – completely awesome.

More importantly, BFB is all about those bushrangers who have been neglected by our popular culture just because they chose for practical or aesthetic reasons not to wear tin cans on their heads. Men – and women! – who haven’t received their dues from history thanks to Kellymania. Bandits like Captain Moonlite, the eccentric romantic gay bushranger; Mary Ann Bugg, the partner-in-crime-and-love of Captain Thunderbolt; Sam Poo, the grouchy Chinese bushranger; Black Caesar, the terror of the Botany Bay bush; and Bold Ben Hall, the most cinematic bushranging hero of all.

Jokes, stories, maybe the odd song – Bushranging For Beginners has everything you want in a laughucational romp through the old bush. Whack on your cabbage hat, jump aboard your horse and bail up a coach with Ben Pobjie in 2020.

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