The Good Time Boys

Miracle on Struggle Street

Speakeasy HQ - The Vault

Struggle street. Sure. We’ve all been there. Some of us might have even stayed the night. Or crashed on the couch for a week while we looked for other places. But how many of us have actually lived there? Called it our home? Pitched a tent in the living room of life and opened a beer? The Good Time Boys: Miracle on Struggle Street is an hour-long sketch show about the all too familiar struggles that come with life as an out-of-work actor. Join Kurtis, Drew and Chris as their hunt for seasonal performance jobs sends them well and truly down the rabbit hole.

In their Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut, The Good Time Boys mix their talent for the absurd with a dose of classic Australiana humour that will leave you wanting just a little bit less.

This show is eligible for the Laugh Pack - buy full price tickets to 3 or more eligible different performances in one transaction and get a 10% discount. Excludes Previews, Tightarse Tuesday and Saturday performances.
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