Sean M Elliott

Tesla's Electric Dream

Games Laboratory

The electrical genius Nikola Tesla had a dream – Free Energy! He theorised that with the right machine, we could have as much energy as we would ever need, straight from the ground. But he died before he could get his machine to work, and his secret died with him.

Or did it?

Science comic Sean will dive into the truth and mystery of Tesla's last great invention. Along the way, he'll create sparks, blow fuses and advise the best way to test a battery (without licking it).

Sean M Elliott is a science communicator, writer and performer. His show credits include the Rough Science stage shows from Melbourne and Adelaide Fringes and two science comedy shows: The Onion of Knowledge and Tesla: Death-Rays and Elephants. His obsession of Tesla continues with this brand new show for the 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

When not on stage he is presenting science to students and writing scripts for television. He lives in Melbourne with his partner, his son and a delightful miniature pinscher named Bonnie. Bonnie and Sean sometimes solve paranormal mysteries together. 

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