Date My Mate

Pitch Your Single Friend

Campari House

About Date My Mate

In the name of humour, friendship and love, Date My Mate is a show where friends pitch their single mates to a crowd of strangers with the aim of scoring them a date.

Pitchers use a powerpoint presentation to present the best parts and worst parts of their mates, while their mate, the pitchee, awkwardly sits in a chair on stage. Admirers within the audience can apply to go on a date with their favourite pitchees.

As well as being super entertaining, it’s an endearing display of friendship. Come for the laughs, the feels, or a date - you’ll leave with at least one!

Why Date My Mate Exists 

Born out of frustration with the online dating world, we grew a belief that there was a better way for people to meet each other. Rather than making misinformed, trigger happy left-right swipe decisions on potential dates, we think better dating experiences start by showcasing people’s friendships, not their best Instagram pictures. 

We also think it's hilariously fun watching friends use a powerpoint presentation to pitch their mates’ eligibility to an audience, and that’s why we started Date My Mate. 

Our mission is to transform Australia's dating scene. Oh, and have lots of fun along the way!

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