Shayne Hunter

Blaze Against the Machine

Pomodoro Sardo

Blaze Against the Machine is the powerful return of Shayne Hunter to the comedy circuit and his debut Melbourne International Comedy Festival show.

In 2010 Shayne was selected for the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival Comedy Zone. Shayne toured every capital city, constantly sharpening his stand-up skills on the road and becoming one of Australia's most original and interesting voices.

2013 saw Shayne step back from the mic and focus his energy and voice as a political activist, participating in fundraisers for refugee and Aboriginal rights.

Why are some drugs illegal while others are legally pushed onto children for profit? Shayne draws upon his own relationship with addiction and its negative impacts to shine a light on the hypocrisy of the 'war on drugs'.

Shayne is an hilarious act who will not only make you laugh, he will make you think.

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